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Why Choose Just Wink? 

At Just Wink, a collective of lash designers share a simple philosophy: it’s all in the details. Custom lash looks are precisely designed and applied using the highest quality extensions and medical grade products in the industry. Just Wink offer unparalleled eyelash services to helping you look and feel your personal best. While the menu is diverse, the culture remains: ‘stunning’ doesn’t take time – it takes talent!



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Lash Extensions & Quality

Adhesives are all Medical Grade and Cosmetic Grade level which are designed for all clients, including sensitive clients. Check out our product line in our shop.

Completely hypo-allergic. Double treated to achieve superior curl retention, feel cashmere soft and luxurious.

A fraction of the weight of normal eyelash extensions, 70% lighter 
than faux mink lashes. Vegan friendly.

Flat base provides a more secure bond. Featured split tip creates the illusion of volume. Comfortable to wear, less irritated feel to eyelid.

Perfect for ‘wrap on’ natural lashes with largely increased bonding area to gain maximum lash retention.​

Designs range and are available in 3 finished looks: Full Mascara, Cat Eyes, and Open Eyes.