What Is Involved In Our Lash Expert Course?

Being a part of our eyelash artist training, you will learn about various topics. Practical sessions will be included in many circumstances, allowing you to strengthen your abilities. Without further ado, let's look at some of the topics covered in this course.

1.  Safety and Health

The most crucial factor to consider while applying lash extensions is the individual's health, whether for yourself or someone else. This is to verify that the extensions are applied in a method that does not endanger the person's natural lashes, eyes, or skin. You may also be taught the necessity of conducting a patch test to ensure that the person does not have an allergy, which reduces the chance of infection.

2.  Hygiene

Hygiene is just as vital as health and safety when it comes to putting eyelash extensions. This is partly due to the cleanliness of the instruments and cosmetics you use. Also, make sure to wash your hands before you start using gel patches and only open them when they are ready to use.

3.  Application of Lash Extensions

Following these two subjects, the most crucial step is, of course, the application of artificial lash extensions. You will study the methods involved in applying eyelash extensions as well as the tools needed. This will most likely be the most time-consuming aspect of the course, and it will most likely include an examination of the many methods required to apply a number of different lashes.

4. Removing Lash Extensions

You will learn how to apply false eyelashes as well as how to remove them. This would entail researching the tools and equipment required to remove the false lashes safely and effectively without hurting your client's natural lashes.

5.  Techniques for Consultation

Not only will consultation techniques look at how to comprehend better and categorize a client's wants and preferences, but they will also assist with social skills for engaging well with clients. These approaches will enable you to properly consult with a client/customer, allowing both of you to know better what is required next in terms of eyelash extensions.

6.  Procedures for Upkeep

It is also significant to understand how to keep your eyelash extensions in good condition. If you need to do maintenance work for a client, this will come in handy. It will also allow you to provide your customers with some wonderful advice on properly maintaining their lash lift.

7.  Advice for Aftercare

The same should be for aftercare, as it was for the previous point. You can also counsel your customers in this area if you have the proper information. F inally, good lash extension training will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about eyelash extensions, allowing you to keep your customers pleased long after their visit. Even if you don't want to be a professional, you will have plenty of pieces of advice to share with friends and family.

8.  Choosing the Best Lashes

Some courses will also teach you how to choose the ideal eyelashes for a specific client. The structure of a person's eyes can greatly impact what kind of lashes they should wear. When you learn this topic in your training, you will have a leg up on the competition when putting lash extensions.

9.  Additional Topics

There are plenty of other issues that will be discussed. Patch testing, eye washing, theory, and adhesives, for example, would all be explored. Some courses also cover areas like insurance and marketing. Then some subjects apply to a variety of course kinds.

Will I be given a Certificate for Expert Lash Extension Training?

A professional certificate must be provided by the eyelash company or training program where you are training. To be considered for many jobs and continuing education seminars, you will need to present a lash certificate that has been signed and stamped. This certificate will clearly show that you have finished training and are certified in Classic or Volume lashes, or both!

You can go up the lash industry ladder for those who complete our certification and benefit from exclusive savings on lash supplies. You can become a Brand Ambassador if you have either the Classic or the Volume option. Here, at Just Wink, you will also get a Lash Kit to practice as much as possible and get experts during your training.

What Do We Offer?

 We've been in the lash industry for more than a decade and can assist you in becoming a professional lash expert. Following training, you will have access to ongoing assistance. After being trained and certified, a job offer is available. Our courses include:


  • Tuition Includes $500 Lash Tool Box
  • Create Natural & Volume looks
  • Free training manual
  • Free certification (value at $50)
  • Lifetime support
  • Online Campus  


If you’re ready to become a certified lash extension artist and grow your skills in this lucrative service. Give us a call today!

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