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Beautiful, long lashes are a symbol of beauty all over the world. It is for this reason that women apply mascara to their lashes to make them look longer and more thick. Big, full lashes have a way of framing the face and making your eyes seem bigger and more alert.
If you have ever worn mascara, you know that it isn't always the easiest product to apply or to keep in place. Even waterproof mascara has its own set of problems.
Naturally, where there is a problem, a solution arises.
Over recent years, the trend of eyelash extensions has picked up a lot of momentum. Eyelash extensions used to be exclusively worn for special events. Now, just about everyone has given them a go一even outside of a special occasion!
Knowing how popular and commonplace eyelash extensions are becoming in society, now is the perfect opportunity for cosmetic technicians to jump on board and get their training in lash extension services.
Just Wink's Commitment To Excellence 
Here at Just Wink, we work with the top instructors in Atlanta, GA, giving our students the best training possible. For over 9 years, we have been working with our students to help them find job opportunities after they are trained and certified.
Below is a look into what our curriculum covers:
  • Theory
  • Product knowledge
  • Demonstration
  • Hands-on practice
  • Classic and advanced eyelash extension and shaping techniques
  • Removal and fills
  • After-care and maintenance
  • Safety-sanitation and ergonomics 
We are committed to providing the best services and products for our clients, demonstrating this promise in the types of products we work with. Our technicians work with clients to preserve their natural lashes so that they can continue to enjoy their extensions for however long they wish to wear them.
At Just Wink Lashes, we strongly believe that long-term success means that you never stop learning, which is something we bring to our classes. In this new and growing industry, it is important to never stop perfecting your craft.
When you come to train with us, we offer more than an education: we offer community and support. Our classes are filled with other creative students who want to see you perform at your very best.
Why Eyelash Artists Are Loving What They Do 
If you are new to this trade, there are so many benefits to becoming a certified eyelash artist. You get to be your own boss, building out a client list and making your own schedule. Having the freedom to design your work week is especially great for those who are in school, have kids, or have other part-time work.
Another great advantage of getting your training now is that this is a growing industry. Having experience under your belt helps build your credibility and attract a larger client list. 
Our Academy
Just Wink Academy strives to provide the best training in Atlanta. We want to unleash your inner artist and creativity through the art of lashing. We believe that to have long-term success, you should never stop learning and never stop perfecting your craft. Training with us will lead you to a lash community full of love and support. A community that is filled with lash professionals who push each other to be the best and who flourish off the success of one another.
 At Just Wink Academy, we offer training courses from the most experienced and certified trainers in Atlanta. We pride ourselves in a training course that provides students the newest and fastest way to apply eyelash extensions and how to achieve longer retention without damaging the natural lashes.
 Why Just Wink Academy?
Many companies offer lash training courses so that they can then sell you their high-priced products. What sets us apart is that we will not only guide you through the best training program with learning and support each step of the way, but we will also guide you on how to buy, buying different brands of products that are high quality and that will help you save money. ​
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So, whether you're looking to add more services to your menu, start a new career, or purchase products, you can count on Just Wink for all your needs! Our professional and skilled team of lash experts will lead you to success. With hands-on training and ongoing support, we guarantee that you will receive the best training in Atlanta!
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Our Location
Our training facility is conveniently located in the Metro Atlanta area, where students all over Georgia and the surrounding states, will be learning and perfecting the art of lashing. A team of lash trainers are on-site at this location to check students’ lash work, ensure safety, and to provide on-going support.
If you’re ready to become a certified lash extension artist and grow your skills in this lucrative service. Give us a call today!

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