Why Choose Just Wink Lashes?

At Just Wink Lashes, a collective of lash designers share a simple philosophy: it’s all in the DETAILS. Custom lash looks are precisely designed and applied using the highest quality extensions and medical grade products in the industry. Just Wink Lashes offer unparalleled eyelash services to helping you look and feel your personal best. While the menu is diverse, the culture remains:‘stunning’ doesn’t take time – it takes 'TALENT'.
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Lash Extensions Quality

ADHESIVES are all MEDICAL-GRADE & COSMETIC GRADE LEVEL which are designed for all sensitive clients. Manufactured in Europe & US facility and fully compliant with EC regulations.

Completely hypo-allergic & vegan friendly. Double treated to achieve superior curl retention, feel cashmere soft & luxurious.

70% lighter than other faux mink/ silk extensions & 90% lighter than synthetic  extensions

Flat base provides a more secure bond. Featured split tip creates the illusion of volume. Comfortable to wear, less irritated feel to eyelid.

Perfect for ‘wrap on’ natural lashes with largely increased bonding area to gain maximum lash retention.​

Designs range available in 4 different looks: 

Lash Education

Our goal is simple. Just Wink Academy strives to provide the best training in Atlanta. We want to unleash your inner artist & creativity through the art of lashing. We believe that long-term success is to never stop learning and to never stop perfecting your craft. Training with us leads you to a lash community of love and support that's full of lash professionals who push each other to be the best & who flourishes off the success of one another.

At Just Wink Academy, we offer training courses from the most experienced and certified trainers in Atlanta. We pride ourselves in a training course that provides students the newest and fastest way to apply eyelash extensions and how to achieve longer retention without damaging the natural lashes.

Why Just Wink Academy?: Many companies offer lash training courses so that they can sell you their high-priced products. What sets us apart from them is that we will guide you on how to buy different brands of products that are high quality & will help you save money. ​

Location: Our training facility is conveniently located in the Metro Atlanta area, where students all over Georgia and the surrounding states, will be learning and perfecting the art of lashing. A team of lash trainers are on-site at this location to check students’ lash work, ensure safety, & and to provide on-going support.

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Why We Are Top Lash Designers

Just Wink lash designers are all licensed by Cosmetology State Board of Georgia, highly trained, certified and experienced to preserve clients’ natural lashes. Clients' natural eyelashes are still able to grow, move, and shed as though there is nothing on them. We truly care about our clients’ WELL-BEING and BEAUTY.


Our lash team go through training and continuing education monthly to ensure we provide CLEAN & CLUMP-FREE lash application. We are trained to ISOLATE one individual natural lash and to achieve the perfect bond on a SINGLE lash extension. Our top priority is to ensure the lash extension size and length are appropriately chosen for EACH ONE of client’s natural lashes.We will gladly address any questions or concerns that you may have. Contact us today for a FREE lash consultation!

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