why eyelash extensions falling out

It is normal for eyelash extensions to gradually shed over time. Since extensions are attached individually to your natural lashes, it is natural for the, to fall out as the natural lashes replace them. Other external conditions may cause your extensions to fall off such as serums and products, weather, touching, sleeping, or lack of care. Just Wink Lashes provides the necessary aftercare tips to assure that extensions last as long as possible. This includes avoiding wet lashes directly after application (at least for 3 hours) and then rinsing your eyelashes with water twice daily moving forward. It is recommended to avoid touching or rubbing your extensions and it is imperative that you remove makeup before sleeping. Our Instagram @justwinkbuckhead will provide further info about lash care and tips. Most importantly, scheduling your lash fill appointment every 14-19 days will guarantee that your lash look is maintained. 
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