which lash extensions are the best

At Just Wink, we believe that the best lashes are made out of cashmere. Cashmere Lashes weigh 70% less than regular mink lashes and create full defined fluttery lashes on all eye shapes. These lashes are made of the lightest flat ellipse synthetic fibers which enable lash artists to double/triple the volume without adding any extra burden on the client’s natural lash and eye. Cashmere lashes are also the best option for clients who have weak lashes but desire a full look. The thin flat base provides a secure bond that contributes to longer lash retention. Unlike normal classic lash extensions made of round fibers, cashmere lashes are incredibly soft, silky and luxurious to touch, and so comfortable to wear that you can barely feel them.  Cashmere lashes are perfect to create different bespoke strip lash looks from natural bridal looks to heavy volume doll eye looks. Cashmere lashes also give us a new tool called a V Lash that easily fills gaps and achieves wispy textured layers.

Just Wink Lashes is committed to providing you with the best possible eyelash services. Your safety, beauty, and overall well-being is our upmost priority. We provide the best top-notch lashes for any look tailored to you. 

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