what is the best eyelash extension training

The best lash extension training for beginners is at Just Wink Academy, which provides digital and on-site training for any lash artist to jumpstart their career. 

Eyelash application is a craft that requires knowledge, precision and a lot of practice. A lack of proper education and practicing without a mentor can be a very slow process that can lead to many mistakes and unhappy clients. 

Just Wink Academy's Beginner Lash Course builds a strong foundation with training that will teach you how to perfect your technique, apply eyelash extensions more efficiently, achieve a better retention, utilize new trendy lashes, and how to create specific lash designs tailored to each client. All clients have different looks and preferences, so what may suit one client, may not suit another. Just Wink Academy will assure that you have the proper skills and certifications to please each of your clients and make your mark in the lash industry. 

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