lash lift and tint compared to mascara

If you have naturally straight lashes, a lash lift will create the effect of longer natural lashes. With the tint, your lashes will look darker and thicker as if you were wearing mascara. A lash lift and tint will save you time in the mornings & is especially great for moms, students, nurses, or anyone who wants to look good without the effort! It is a gentle treatment that requires no maintenance - so you can ditch the eyelash curler and mascara! A lash lift and tint will assure an easy and natural mascara look 24/7! 

Please note that a tint will not last as long as a lash lift. Depending on each client, the tint will last more or less (dry skin = longer lasting, oily skin = not as long). However, a lash lift enhances your natural lash with a beautiful curl lasts up to 8 weeks. When the tint fades, you might want to use mascara for a darker lash look.  Check out our lash lift looks @justwinkatlanta