are eyelash extensions safe

The quick answer is, yes! They are safe, but only if they’re applied correctly. Only a professionally trained lash designer should apply lash extensions in order to keep the natural lashes of the client healthy and protected. Extensions should never be clumped together. They should only stick to the natural lashes not the skin. They should feel weightless and never irritate. Lash Artists must be licensed esthetician or cosmetologists through each State Board of cosmetology in order to work for Just Wink. All those who have successfully completed rigorous training and evaluation through an eyelash extensions training center.

 Just Wink Lashes makes you a priority by assuring your safety, beauty, and overall well-being. Our lash artists will work closely with you to create a lash look that is tailored to your needs and preferences. Book an appointment today at or follow the instagram @justwinkacademy for more info.